As a kid, I loved watching nature documentaries on TV every Sunday afternoon. I vividly remember the one I watched about Jasper (Canada) and promised myself to move to Canada when I was older. I did it a couple of decades later, and I recently became a Canadian citizen. To celebrate my new citizenship, I've decided to bike across Canada, starting in Tuktoyaktuk (Northwest Territories) and ending it in St. John's (Newfoundland).

To me, riding my bicycle across the country is the best way to take the time to discover my new country and its people. There are many beautiful places unknown in Canada and my goal is to make people want to explore this beautiful country.

As a kid, I also remember being bullied at school for many years. I started talking about being bullied as an adult and realised that many people around me experienced the same situation at school, at work or even worse at home. However, in most cases, nothing was done to fix this problem.

Too many people have experienced any type of bullying (physical, emotional, verbal, sexual, etc.) and I can't even imagine how the situation is nowdays with social media.

This journey across Canada is probably a way to overcome my bullies to show them that I am not that weak. Educating kids is probably the best thing we can do against bullying and that's why I am supporting the following Canadian network: PREVNet. By raising money for PREVNet, I am helping Canadian scientists and Canadian youth-serving organizations to promote safe and healthy relationships for all Canadian children and youth and to stop bullying in Canada.

Help me to support this cause by giving $1, $5, $20 or more. 

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More about PREVNet:

PREVNet is an umbrella network of 130 leading Canadian research scientists and 62 national youth-serving organizations. Launched in 2006 with the Networks of Centres of Excellence, PREVNet’s mission is to stop bullying in Canada and to promote safe and healthy relationships for all Canadian children and youth. Co-founded by Dr. Debra Pepler of York University and Dr. Wendy Craig of Queen’s University, this national network is the first of its kind in Canada, providing an unprecedented opportunity to change the way we understand and deal with bullying problems in this country.

Everyone who is involved in a child’s life, and every place where Canadian children and youth live, work and play, needs information about bullying problems and strategies to promote healthy relationships. Before PREVNet, there were a number of different bullying prevention activities in use at local, provincial and national levels, all of which operated in isolation without an evidence-based national platform for coordination and implementation. As a national network, PREVNet is now bringing together researchers and national organizations to enhance awareness, build research capacity, assess bullying problems and promote evidence-based programs and effective policies across Canada.

PREVNet has three key messages:

  • Bullying is wrong and hurtful
  • Bullying is a relationships problem
  • Promoting relationships and eliminating violence are everybody’s responsibility

Through PREVNet’s social innovation, we can improve Canada’s shamefully low World Health Organization ranking in bullying incidents (currently 26 out of 35 countries) and become world leaders in our approach to preventing bullying and promoting healthy relationships. We can empower national organizations through education and training, providing assessment and intervention strategies that are scientifically proven to work. We can decrease costs in health, education and justice programs and reduce crime in Canada by a substantial rate. We can promote healthy relationships, respect, social responsibility and citizenship in our children and youth.

Through PREVNet, we can create a world without bullying.