I am Julien, a French man who recently became a Canadian citizen.

In August 2010, I realised one of my biggest dream: moving to Canada. I moved to Toronto and loved it for the past 8 years.

In May 2018, I became a Canadian citizen: the holy Grail!

As a recent Canadian citizen, I’ve decided to go on a new journey on a bike across Canada to discover my new country and its culture. My goal is to meet as many Canadians as I can and also to explore some parts of Canada that are not well known. If I can make you want to explore and visit Canada then my goal will be accomplished.

If you know anybody (friends, grandma, cool uncle, etc.) who will be happy to meet me, please feel free to let me know and see if I can visit them. I will mainly camp during this trip but I won’t say No to a warm bed!
Check the Itinerary Page to see the places I will be visiting.

I will also raise money for a Canadian network PREVNet  which promotes  healthy relationships, respect, social responsibility and citizenship in our children and youth to create a world without bullying.